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Presentation Slides

Presentation slides.

This training explored the development of disparities in the US and their impacts on marginalized and racialized communities. Utilizing a social justice framework the participants will learn about building health 

equity, cultural humility, and community engagement. This training centered the Enhanced CLAS Standards, Cultural Self-Assessments and other tools designed to improve services and eliminate health 



In this presentation, participants will explore the intricate landscape of teenage dating violence within Hispanic and Latine communities. Attendees will uncover the cultural nuances that influence relationship dynamics, including traditional values and gender roles. Throughout the session, participants will learn to recognize warning signs, both behavioral and physical, specific to this demographic, while addressing the unique barriers that prevent individuals from reporting abuse. The presentation will delve into effective therapeutic approaches grounded in cultural competence, such as trust-building communication, collaborative family therapy, and empowering education.

Fact Sheet

Teenage dating violence constitutes a grave concern among Latine adolescents. Comprehensive research sheds light on the prevalence, risk determinants, and outcomes associated with this issue. An exploration of these findings is important to work with Hispanic and Latine teens in the realm of relationships.

Presentation Slides

Presentation slides from the 1/25/2024 webinar on diverse identities Hispanic and Latino populations.