Our mission is to advance and support the sustainability of behavioral health equity by promoting community driven, culturally grounded and person-centered prevention, intervention, multiple pathways of recovery, and recovery supports for diverse Hispanic and Latine communities.
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Focus Areas

Information and products on culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health approaches and strategies for Hispanic and Latine populations
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Training offerings and consultation (virtual and in-person) for implementing evidence-based and culturally responsive best practices with Hispanic and Latine populations
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Assistance with developing, delivering and accessing linguistically appropriate behavioral health services and products
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Initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing and developing the recruitment, retention, careers pathways and leadership roles of the Hispanic/ Latine behavioral health workforce.
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The Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is dedicated to shaping and implementing innovative behavioral health public policies that specifically cater to the needs of Hispanic/Latine communities. As part of […]
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Latines and Suicide Prevention Resource Guide

Embedding Equity and Building the Suicide Prevention Workforce for Underserved Communities Technical Experts Panel

Published: 07/05/2024


The Latine LGBTQ+ community encompasses a diverse range of identities, experiences, and cultures. Concurrently, Latine LGBTQ+ individuals often face intersectional discrimination related to their ethnic, gender, and sexual identities, resulting in added stressors and increased risks of mental health challenges, including substance use, depression, and suicide.

This panel discussed disparities among Latine LGBTQ+ individuals and emphasized the importance of adopting a multifaceted approach that acknowledges the intersections of identity, culture, and social determinants of health. Experts in the field discussed perspectives and approaches on how providers and community-based organizations can implement culturally sensitive and responsive care practices that are attuned to the strengths, contexts, and experiences of Latine LGBTQ+ communities and seek to advance behavioral health equity.


David Zelaya, Ph.D.

Carlos A. O. Pavão, DrPH, MPA

Alison Cerezo, Ph.D.


Miguel Vázquez, Psy.D.

Published: 06/17/2024
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The presentation aims to equip participants with a deep understanding of the structural barriers impacting substance use disorder care services within Hispanic communities. It focuses on discussing effective models, programs, […]
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The aim of this presentation is to outline interpersonal factors that exacerbate and mitigate risk for mental health problems among Latine immigrants, particularly asylum seekers from Central America. Data from […]
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