Our mission is to advance and support the sustainability of behavioral health equity by promoting community driven, culturally grounded and person-centered prevention, intervention, multiple pathways of recovery, and recovery supports for diverse Hispanic and Latine communities.
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Information and products on culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health approaches and strategies for Hispanic and Latine populations
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Training offerings and consultation (virtual and in-person) for implementing evidence-based and culturally responsive best practices with Hispanic and Latine populations
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Assistance with developing, delivering and accessing linguistically appropriate behavioral health services and products
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Initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing and developing the recruitment, retention, careers pathways and leadership roles of the Hispanic/ Latine behavioral health workforce.
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The Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is dedicated to shaping and implementing innovative behavioral health public policies that specifically cater to the needs of Hispanic/Latine communities. As part of […]
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Published: 05/29/2024


While motherhood is culturally perceived as a ‘happy’ period in life, there are several mental health conditions that may present during pregnancy and postpartum. These are identified under the term Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders (PMADs). Up to 1 in 5 women will suffer from a mental health disorder like postpartum depression and less than 15% will receive treatment. Given the social determinants of health affecting Latinx, they may be at a higher risk for developing symptoms. PMADs have an adverse effect on mothers, fathers/partners, mother–infant interactions, and infant outcomes, which makes early detection and treatment essential for the overall well-being of families. 


  1. Introduce and define concepts related to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs).
  2. Discuss the importance of increasing awareness of PMADs in general public and mental health professionals.
  3. Provide resources for clinicians and other mental health service providers that might be helpful in the provision of culturally responsive mental health services during the perinatal period.

Presenter: Marianela Rodríguez, PhD, PMH-C 


Si bien la maternidad se percibe culturalmente como un período "feliz" en la vida, existen varias condiciones de salud mental que pueden presentarse durante el embarazo y el posparto. Estos se identifican bajo el término Trastornos Perinatales del Estado de Ánimo y la Ansiedad (PMAD, por sus siglas en inglés). La data indica que 1 de cada 5 mujeres sufrirá un trastorno de salud mental como la depresión posparto y menos del 15% recibirá tratamiento. Considerando los determinantes sociales de la salud que afectan a los latines, puede haber un mayor riesgo de desarrollar síntomas en comunidades latines. Los PMAD tienen un efecto adverso en las madres, los padres/parejas, las interacciones madre-hijo y los el desarrollo infantil, lo que hace que la detección temprana y el tratamiento sean esenciales para el bienestar general de las familias. 


  1. Introducir y definir conceptos relacionados a los trastornos perinatales del estado de ánimo y ansiedad (PMADs).
  2. Discutir la importancia de aumentar la conciencia sobre los PMAD en el público en general y en los profesionales de la salud mental.
  3. Proporcionar recursos para los médicos y otros proveedores de servicios de salud mental que puedan ser útiles en la prestación de servicios de salud mental culturalmente sensitivos durante el período perinatal.

Presentadora: Marianela Rodríguez, PhD, PMH-C  

Published: 05/22/2024
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