Training and Technical Assistance on Culturally-Adapted and Community-Driven Practices

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TA, or technical assistance, involves transferring knowledge from one entity to another. This process can take many forms, such as sharing information, disseminating educational materials, offering skill-based training, providing mentorship, engaging in project consultations, fostering networking opportunities, contributing to curriculum development, and more.

Our Center offers training and technical assistance (TTA), delivering capacity-building through educational training events (virtual and in-person) on evidence-based, culturally-adapted, and community-driven best practices in community outreach and engagement, mental health promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery for mental health and substance use disorders for Hispanic/Latine individuals. 

TTA range from Universal “light touch” TA to more intensive, deeper and ongoing TA. 

The vehicles used to deliver the TTA vary along a continuum from universal TTA (broad in scope; limited in depth, such as webinars), to more specific topic and group-focused (such as learning collaboratives), to intensive (limited in breadth of reach, but deeper in-depth, such as on-site regular consultation, policy academies). 


Universal Training and Technical Assistance Activities:  

  • Webinars, fact sheets, resource documents, tool kits, self-paced distance learning modules.

Specific Topic-Focused TTA Activities:

  • Consultation through national learning collaboratives
  • Peer based TTA opportunities for specific populations who serve Hispanic /Latine individuals to learn from one another.
  • on-demand resource inventory for behavioral health providers that work with Hispanic/Latine individuals, families, and communities.  

Intensive TTA for Site-Specific Activities:

  • Intensive, ongoing consultation on specific issues pertaining to the behavioral health of Hispanic/Latine communities including on-site visits.

Focus Areas

Information and products on culturally and linguistically appropriate behavioral health approaches and strategies for Hispanic and Latine populations
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Training offerings and consultation (virtual and in-person) for implementing evidence-based and culturally responsive best practices with Hispanic and Latine populations
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Assistance with developing, delivering and accessing linguistically appropriate behavioral health services and products
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Initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing and developing the recruitment, retention, careers pathways and leadership roles of the Hispanic/ Latine behavioral health workforce.
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The Hispanic/Latino Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is dedicated to shaping and implementing innovative behavioral health public policies that specifically cater to the needs of Hispanic/Latine communities. As part of […]
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