Understanding the Diverse Identities of Hispanic and Latino Populations

The H/LBHCoE has teamed up with the Pew Hispanic Research Center to conduct a virtual training on the diversity and behavioral health needs of Latinos in the US. Presenters will discuss how different groups within Hispanic and Latine communities may self-identify, pertinent socio-demographic factors to their mental health, and associated processes such as acculturation and assimilation. Recommended person-centered assessment questions and approaches when working Hispanic and Latine individuals will also be discussed.

Culturally Grounded Leadership: Advancing DEIJ Frameworks in Social Work Education

Presentation: Culturally Grounded Leadership: Advancing DEIJ Frameworks in Social Work Education (April 17th) @ the National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work (NADD) 2024 Spring Conference.  Learning Objectives:  Understand values and norms among Hispanic/Latine communities and their relationship to mental health academic programs and services.   Explore strategies for social work educators […]

Latine Collaborative Summit

Closed Event | In-Person Summit In collaboration with ATTC NCO; Peer Recovery CoE; NeCa; ORN  Location: Ponce Hilton, Puerto Rico As part of the Latine Collaborative, its members and participants the Peer Recovery community in Puerto Rico will continue their work on the Peer Certification and Anti-Stigma Campaign through a two-day meeting to discuss capacity […]

Introduction to the National Enhanced CLAS Standards: Understanding Disparities and Building Health Equity (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services)

This event is the second of a series of CLAS webinars presented in collaboration with the Central East (Region 3) Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC). It will explore the development of disparities in the US and their impacts on marginalized and racialized communities. Utilizing a social justice framework the participants will learn about building health […]